SPN Official Rule Book

Illegal Bat Policy for the 2016 Season

The Bat Policy Announcement for the 2017 Season

PLEASE NOTE: The Rule Book is NOT ALLOWED to be presented onto the field to dispute a rule. If there is any concerns regarding a call on the field, please report it to members of the executive immediately AFTER the games end in a private message.

Fort St. John Mixed Slowpitch League’s Amended Rules:

The rules outlined below supersede the SPN rulebook. These rules have been voted in by our league:

Big Ball & Small Ball: The FSJMSPL is a Big Ball/Small Ball League. The Official equipment decided on is the Worth Hot Dot (12″) for the Men’s Ball, & the Worth Green Dot (11″) for the Women’s Ball. These balls MUST be used to each appropriate batter. If the incorrect ball is put into play (by inadvertence only) the play will stand no-matter what the outcome.

Strike Zone: The strike zone in the FSJMSPL is the Mat behind home plate ONLY. Any ball within the proper pitching arc (6′-12′) touching the plate will result in a ball. There is no “ball width.”

Required Players: The Necessary players required to play is 6 (Six) Males & 4 (Four) Females. The FSJMSPL has voted in that a team can play short one female (6&3) without having to lose a guy.

  • If a team starts the game as “down” (6&3) they may not add a player into the lineup at a later point in the game.
  • If a team can only field 8 or less players, they forfeit the game
  • teams MAY use up to 2 players from the posted “spare list” or any insured SPN player within the FSJMSPL
  • The reverse (6 Female & 4 Male) or an even split (5 Male & 5 Female) is legal.


SPN Common Rule Clarification. These are some of the very common rules that may arise during a game that have been changed by the switch to SPN.

Foul Outs: The PREVIOUS rule stated that on a “foul tip” (ball connected, and coming back at the catcher) had to break the 6′ (foot) mark before it was considered an out. This is NO LONGER THE CASE as any foul tip, no-matter what height (as stated by the SPN rule book), that is caught by the opposing catcher without touching the ground or fence will result in the batter being out.

Batting Order & Extra Batters: The PREVIOUS rule stated that a lineup may have only 1 Extra Batter per gender, having to have an extra female, before an extra male may be an extra batter. This is NO LONGER THE CASE as now there is no limit regarding how many extra batters may be in the lineup. The same rule, however, applies to you MUST have a Female batter for every male batter added onto the list. ADD: If a team is playing down (6&3) they may NOT use an extra batters.

Walks & 4 Straight Balls: The PREVIOUS rule stated that if a male batter received 4 straight balls with no strikes being recorded, he may take 2nd base, and the female batter had the option whether to bat, or walk to 1st. This is NO LONGER THE CASE as in the SPN rule book. The male batter, after receiving 4 balls in ANY ORDER (Even with 2 strikes) shall proceed to 2nd base. The batter (Female) MUST bat. If the batter following the Male is another Male, the batter only gets awarded 1st base.

Sliding into 1st Base: This rule has rarely come up in any league, but as in the SPN Rule book, it is legal to slide into every base EXCEPT home plate/scoring line. The base runner (if choosing to slide) will still be required to touch the ORANGE SAFETY BAG as a slide is not listed as a “motion of rounding.” Any contact on the white bag with a slide into first will result in the base runner being out.

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