Spare Players

Here you can find all the spare players that are available to phone, and are insured by the League & SPN and are available to call on to fill in roster spots and continue to make games happen, and avoid forfeits.

Keep in mind, you are only allowed to call upon TWO SPARES before you will have to still technically “forfeit” by game standards.

SHOULD YOU WANT TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST:  Please click this link, and fill out the following form!

Male Spare Players Table

NamePhone NumberNights AvailableNotes
David Cumming250-896-7356All
Tyler Frasch250-462-9462AllNo Pitching
Scott Alyward780-881-4988All

Female Spare Players Table

NamePhone NumberNights AvailableNotes
Carrie Shawchek250-793-6885Tuesday/Thursday
Julia Normand403-608-9963Tuesday/Thursday
Mae Whyte778-991-5068Wednesday/Thursday

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